Criterium Brianza

The 2nd Crit Cup Agostoni Cinelli organized in Lissone, in Brianza. Not as famous as Red Hook in Bovisa, but not less exciting. A circuit in the city center full of pitfalls, of flooring changes, blind corners, dried performed at 90°, the straight that suddenly become narrow and threatening. Nothing new, actually, it is the nature of a criterium. This is what you expect, what the participants expect, aware of riding to the limit every lap, with their brakeless bikes. Some accidents in qualifying laps, just behind a tight curve, then once they get the right pace everything went smoothly. An extra eye to the security would not be bad, but you have to pay a little inexperience in the second edition. See cyclists, heedless, jump into those curves, raise the action on the straight and push for all tours with that force, it is always an amazing sight. Even the scenario that alternates between historical center and factories is a winning combination. Cinelli is this year’s main sponsor, and its team has repaid the patron Colombo, with a victory. Ivan Ravaioli overtakes the last year winner, Mario Paz Duque, demonstrating his strength at the last lap.