At the Giro d’Italia CX you can see passion. You can see young girls and boys jumping up and down the saddle, you can see trainers at the head of the little peloton explaining, curve after curve, hill after hill, how to deal with every single meter of the race. You can see those very trainers, during the race, standing on a difficult part of the course to see if their athletes are following his advice or whether they decided to do things on their own; they stay on the curve pushing, inciting, helping. Lap by lap you can see these young cyclists – sometimes really young – having really a hard time, never giving up, more and more tired, keep on running in the mud, climbing, between obstacles. Nobody seems to back down, even when the legs have no more strength and jumping down the saddle looks like jumping on a void. The 3rd stage in Brugherio was a terrific day, not only for the sun but also for the course which allowed to follow all the circuit by a single glance. An awesome cycling day.