Red Hook Criterium Milano 2013

Milano Bovisa, rails and warehouses. Industrial suburbia and urban redevelopment. Red Hook Criterium takes place since 2010 in this scenario. Born in Brooklyn, NY, in the Red Hook neighborhood (the red corner, from dutch “hoek”, corner). A race for essential bikes, spare and sinewy, track-bikes, lap by lap on a urban course with no brakes but with great courage. The rules are just two: go fast, always, do not fall down, ever. Qualifications are in the afternoon, you can see those who are favourites, past editions winners, cyclists on the top of the season rank. Everybody are running between warehouses and rails. They wheel around so fast that you wonder how it can be humanly possible on city streets. It seems they feel no fear at all. Neither later, when something happens. Because of some technical problems it will be clear that there will be no lights on some part of the course. It will be necessary to ask for the people arrived by car to direct the headlights on the street, trying to have as much light as possible. Some spots are really dark, but no one gives up during the race. The speed is tremendous and spectacular, adrenaline is high even for those who are just watching. When the winner goes through the finish line, it’s a standing ovation. It’s over for now, but everybody is already thinking about the next edition.