Passoni Passion

Everything started when Luciano Passoni was climbing the Ghisallo riding a bicycle named Trecià; he could not believe that such a frame could be so performing, so the day after he bought three of them. In case they decided
not to keep on making them, he thinks. He wasn’t wrong in the end, Amelio Riva, the frame builder, did not make too many frames but his vision already had left a legacy. His “welding bell” is currently still working at the Passoni workshop. The Passoni Titanium bicycles were born and they really made history of Italian cycling (all champions you can imagine rode a Passoni, even if the colours suggested different brands…), bicycles that keep on the highest level of italian handmade framebuilding. The atmosphere inside the workshop among the different areas, from assembling to welding, from polishing to warehouse is simple, pure, passion. Every detail, every adopted solution about tubing, every new technique says that framebuilding step is taken at its best level. The mastery, the technical capability are just the same you can appreciate in luthiers who – from some squared piece of woods – can obtain a violin simply carving and polishing layer by layer. The polishing of a frame needs the same accuracy, the same attention not to exagerate, knowing all the time which is the limit not to trespass. Each distraction can be fatal, you can ruin your job and then it is a point of no return. Diego shows me the workshop, telling me about what they do, how they do, how they take care of those who decide to get a Passoni frame, how they follow every single passage, how they try to satisfy who decide to trust at their job. He explains to me all materials characteristics, differences between one technical choice and another, all that you can customized when you decide to have your own and unique Passoni frame. Passoni bicycle are not only performing but also esthetically very well done. Beautiful, really beautiful, in a word. To be honest, they are not bicycle for all pockets, we will not deny it, but sometimes is good to have a dream.